It’s Been Such a Long Time

24 10 2010

Long Hard SummerWell, I haven’t posted in a very long time, and the date that gets stamped on these things keeps staring me in the face.  So I will attempt to catch you up without boring you.

Last spring was an exciting time here in Morocco.  We finished our first full year here and were ready for a well deserved vacation to Romania.  Too bad we forgot to renew Rocco’s passport and had to delay our long awaited flight.  But the US consulate here really outdid themselves coming to our rescue – kudos to them!

Then it was off to Bucharest, where we enjoyed such space-age conveniences as malls, movies in English, Ikea, and efficient public transportation.  We didn’t drive all summer!  We stayed in a friend’s home, which is next-door to a sprawling park filled with playgrounds, bike paths, and even free bounce houses.  Also free to use in this park were several charcoal grills – just mind-boggling to those who have lived in pre-EU Eastern Europe.

Most of all, though, we were blessed with much time to enjoy with close friends.  We got to hang out with many people that we and our children had missed tremendously since leaving Romania a year ago.  We even had a chance to host a new friend who came from Casablanca to visit us.  Gianna turned 4 in July, and we had a fun party for her at one of the malls with a nice children’s play gym.   Marco was baptized at the church we attended when we lived there.  Swim lessons for the boys at the national stadium.  Long conversations with dear friends.  The world’s best babysitter.  Cinnabon. More than we can say here.

While it was great for us to be able to go back to Romania and spend the summer reconnecting with people, there was one negative.  We didn’t get to see any of you back in the U.S.  We hope to be there next summer and get to see all of the friends and family we miss so much.  Please continue to pray for us as we do for you.




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