Destination Achieved

8 08 2009

We have made it to North Africa!  It took 38 and 1/2 hours and a trip to the emergency room in Madrid, but we are here and settling in.  We are setting up shop in our new apartment, meeting new people and getting familiar with the local customs.  For a break from unpacking, we piled into the van we just purchased (a trip back to the future itself, in a 1994 Plymouth Grand Voyager) and braved the road down to the beach.  At first, the kids were upset that we hadn’t brought their bathing suits.  But once they set foot into the icy waves crashing hard onto the sand, they were thrilled just to squeal and run away from the water.  We even got fresh (very hot) doughnuts with a spoonful of (apricot?) jam inside, a cone of handmade potato chips, and a gigantic bunch of fresh mint, all from roadside entrepreneurs.  Tony joined some other staff-men from the school for a game of basketball when we got home, and the kids were exhausted.  All in all, a good day!  Check out the video below, which Tony made to give you a tour of our apartment:




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9 08 2009
April Lynn

Hello my dear ones,
I am so happy for you all and your apartment looks lovely. Bet you can’t wait to get your own stuff in it so it feels like home.
The kids look fantastic and the view is beautiful.
I pray blessings ove each one of you as you embark on your new adventure.
Miss you guys and love you heaps

9 08 2009

great! thanks for showing us your new digs…. isn’t technology great!

9 08 2009
Jerri Migala

Wow long trip- glad you all are ok- what happened in Madrid that you needed a trip to emerency room?
Blessings-we will keep you in prayer
Tuesday we celebrate 30 married years
Marlon & Jerri

9 08 2009

So, Africa has built in closets and Europe doesn’t! Go figure! Your place looks lovely and plenty big! We are pr–ing for you as you settle!

9 08 2009
Carl Wiltse

Wow! That’s a nice apartment! Morocco must not be very crowded, because it’s big, too (at least by Bucharest standards).

Glad you guys arrived well and are getting settled in.

9 08 2009
Grandma Dee

Thank you for the details and the video. I noticed no one was licking anyone else. 😉 Please send time difference and phone number so we can call!
xoxoxoxoxo Love you all!

9 08 2009
Kathy J

Thanks for sharing your home with us. What a nice place you have and I love the view of the beach. I’m so jealous. Lake City is 1 1/2 hours from the beach in Jacksonville. It’s 9:30 a.m. here. What time is it there? More later.
Love you guys. Kathy

9 08 2009

Great video. Thank you for sharing the apartment with us. It looks like you all have a lot of space. AND I love your view! I look forward to reading about your new adventure.

9 08 2009

Everything and Everyone is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the view. Kids look happy, Chrissy looks great. I am sure you are all very excited to continue on this wonderful journey you have embarked on.

Wow to be those kids. Amazes me how well cultured and travelled they already are. You are an amazing family and we are so proud of you all. Good luck with all of your endeavors. Keep us posted and know that you are all in our thoughts.

Lots of love!

9 08 2009
The Balzers

If I knew how to stick a stamp on a pineapple I would send you a welcome home pineapple! The apartment looks big and the view is amazing! Thanks for the update, love to all, Kelly,John,JT,Kara and Rachel

10 08 2009

Hello there!!!!

Wow, that’s such a nice location!!!! 🙂 I’m so happy for you. Thank you for the video. It was so great to see the kids. I really miss them! 🙂
May God bless you richly beyond your dreams and use you all for His glory!

From Bucharest with love,

16 08 2009

North Africa!

How cool!

All the best in your family’s new adventures ahead!


17 08 2009

Hey Great video!! I like the family picture!! (is that the one taken when we met you all in Richmond??) We miss you all. Looking forward to the football league on yahoo!!

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