Craciun Fericit from Romania!

16 12 2008

The weather bites our cheeks and we haven’t seen the sun in over a week (except through the fog that seems to reach from sky to ground), but our kids are counting down the days to Christmas on the “clips” – a string of clothespins numbered 1-24, hanging on our living room wall, where they find some small treat each morning. Our little Christmas tree is up again (and again and again since Gianna has toppled it a few times), Chrissy is making homemade apple butter, and tomorrow is the annual BCA staff Christmas party, where the gift exchange is usually full of American delicacies like boxed cake mixes, cranberry sauce, and peanut butter.

Christmas in Romania is a bustling time, but not nearly as non-stop as it can be in America. We will finish school this week, decorate cookies at a friend’s house next week, and then make our traditional family Christmas meal of lasagna, fried cauliflower, and garlic bread. On Christmas night, we usually visit some Romanian friends, whose traditional meals all involve pork, most often mixed with spices and rice then rolled in pickled cabbage leaves — the national dish of Romania, sarmale (sar-mall-eh).

We want to thank you for your prayers and financial support throughout this year. We are in our sixth year in Romania, where we have helped educate hundreds of children, which also helps their parents be more effective in their work in Eastern Europe. You have helped us do this!  So just think of the seeds you are helping to sow! We love working with teenagers, and we are constantly amazed that we get to do what we do.

You are a blessing to us, and we pray for all of our supporters and prayer partners every day. This December, it is our prayer that the Lord would guide and prepare you for the year ahead, that you would know His faithfulness and grace in an even greater measure. May your Christmas be full of peace and joy, and may your family be strengthened and your walk with God deepened in the days ahead.

Continually in awe of His faithfulness,
Tony & Chrissy

P.S. As 2008 comes to a close and you make your plans for 2009, prayerfully consider whether the Lord would have you stand with us in a greater way. Perhaps you or your church could help sponsor BCA’s building fund or possibly become a monthly partner with us.




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